Collections ARE underway

This Ministry is one that grew out of extreme need. When visiting South Africa, we realized that many of the plantation and farm workers were women who lived there most of the year separated from their families and had very little disposable income, because they would send their pay back to their families.

These women forego what we in America would consider a necessity - a bra!

We have begun collecting women's "gently used" or new bras over the last two years to take to South Africa and hand out to the women on the farms.

For many it was their FIRST BRA EVER!

For others it was their first properly fitting bra.

We can cram about 200 bras into a large suitcase...

after sucking all of the air out of the vacuum bags.

And the typical suitcase costs around $200 USD each to take with us on our trips, so you will also find an option to make a donation to Support Our Sisters on our Gifting page.

We accept donations at Lakeside Church in Folsom, CA on an ongoing basis too.

We need all sizes, from 26AA to 54H+.